What are the benefits of buying in Addictochic ?

How to order ?

What happens if the seller cancels my order ?

How is my payment kept secured ?

How Paypal works ?

 How long does delivery take ?

 How much is shipping and handling ?

Once my order is finished, what happens ?

What is the conformity control ? 

 What is the authenticity control ?

What is our return policy ?

How can I request to return an item ?


What are the benefits of selling in Addictochic ?

How to sell?

How do I set a sale price for my item  ?

What is a corner ?

 How long do I have in order to accept the buyer's offer and send the item for quality control  ?

How do I get my money ?

When will I get my money  ?

How much will I earn ?


What are the benefits of buying in Addictochic ?

  You’re buying authentic, luxury goods that have been checked for quality and certified by reputable, expert professionals. Our items are as new: we don’t accept items in poor condition except for rare or vintage pieces. You can change your mind at any time within seven days.

How to order ?

It’s very simple: all you have to do is create your account, select the item of your choice, add it to your shopping cart and follow the instructions until your purchase is complete.

What happens if the seller cancels my order ?

Our catalog is updated daily; nonetheless, from time to time an item may no longer be available or the seller may no longer wish to sell it.  At that time, the entire value of your order is returned to you by PayPal within 48 hours.

How is my payment kept secured ?

PayPal payments are protected with a high level of security.  PayPal uses high-tech security solutions such as SSL to preserve the security of your data. PayPal automatically encrypts the confidential data that passes between your device and the PayPal system thanks to the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol with a 128-bit encryption key (which is the highest level of encryption that is currently available commercially). Even before you sign up or log in to the paypal site our server checks to ensure that you are using an approved browser that supports SSL version 3.0 or later. When your information is transmitted to PayPal, it is stored in a server that is closely monitored, both physically and electronically.  Our servers are installed behind an electronic firewall and are not connected to the internet directly, so that only authorized computers have access to your information.



HowPayPal works ?

PayPal offers a choice of two ways to pay:

-        A normal payment process similar to any secure payment platform, allowing you to pay with your debit or credit card.

-        Simplified payment using your PayPal account.


How long does delivery take ?

Our delivery timescales depend on how quickly the seller sends an item to us.  We undertake to deliver your item within a maximum of fifteen working days from the date that the seller confirms your order.

How much is shipping and handling ?

Included : insurance and tax 


Order  Amount


Less than 1000€

1000€ or more 







Etats-Unis, Canada, And the rest of the world *



- *customs fees: 15% of the selling price.


Once my order is finished, what happens ?

We contact the seller, who will confirm the order and send the item to us.  Once the item is received, if it bears the “Authentic Luxury” (Luxe Authentifié) logo, it is checked for conformity by our firm of experts.  If an item passes all the tests, we send it on to you.

If, however, it doesn’t meet the specifications, we contact you, giving you the option to renegotiate the price with the seller or to withdraw from the transaction.  If the item is not authentic, the sale is automatically canceled.


What is the conformity control ?

We verify the information provided in the seller’s listing, making sure that the description and the photos match the item that we receive from the seller.  If everything matches up, we will send you the item together with a certificate of conformity.  If, however, it is not compliant, you can either renegotiate the price with the seller or cancel the sale.

What is the authenticity control ?

All items sold on our website with the “AUTHENTIC LUXURY” (Luxe Authentifié) logo will be sent to our expert consultants, Chombert & Sternbach, in Paris.  The item will undergo a conformity check, followed by an authenticity check.  If the item is compliant and authentic, it will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity signed by our experts.

If the item is not authentic, the sale is automatically canceled and you will receive a refund within 48 hours.

What is our retun policy ?

You have seven days to change your mind, starting from the time you receive your item.  Once the return has been accepted by our team, you will receive an Addictochic credit note for the amount of your order.

How can I request to return an item ?

You have seven days, starting from the date that your item is received, to notify Addictochic on that you wish to return your item.  The item must be in the same condition as it was ordered, and any labels and seals must remain intact must not have been removed.

We will analyze the item when it is returned and check to ensure that it matches the article that was originally sent to you.




what are the beneficits of selling in Addictochic  ?

-        A corner of our site featuring your customizable image – or you can keep your identity confidential;

-        Your corner, and your advertisement, are both free;

-        A clear and transparent earning structure: to find out more click here link to:

How to sell ?

In order to sell your items, you must create an account and click on “SELL” on the main menu.  Then follow the instructions and do all you can to tip the odds in favor of a successful sale.


How do I set a sale price for my item ?

To set a fair sale price, you should take into consideration both any deterioration in your item’s condition as well as the year it was made and its original purchase price.

Be aware that an over-optimistic sale price can slow down your sale.

You can change the item’s price at any time by visiting your corner of the site.

Our advice for setting a fair price based on your item’s condition:

-        Excellent condition with labels: 50-60% of the in-store price

-        Excellent condition, no labels: 40-50% of the in-store price

-        Very good: 30-40% of the in-store price

-        Lightly worn: 20-30% of the in-store price

-        Worn: 10-20% of the in-store price

These rules are indicative only and there are always exceptions, depending on the model and how rare or how old it is.


What is a corner ?

Your “corner” is your online store on Addictochic.  You can customize the store and use it to describe your style.  It shows all the items that you are selling on our site.


How long do I have in order to accept the buyer’s offer and send the item for quality control ?

Within a maximum of eight working days from the date you are notified of the sale and the date when the goods are received by our team or our firm of experts.

How do I get my money ?

In order to enable us to transfer your earnings, you must have provided proof of your identity and your full bank details in your account on our website.

When will I get my money ?

You’ll receive your money at the end of the month in which your item is checked by Addictochic or its firm of experts, provided that it passes the relevant tests.


How much will I earn ?

You will receive the sale price of your item, less the following deductions:

-        Our commission

-        Shipping and handling charges if you have chosen to send your item via our courier.