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Addictochic.com is a collaborative luxury consumption model that can be explained according to its founder Jacqueline Pistoulet.


She is a passionate entrepreneurship woman who has living for a long time in Barcelona. Once she arrived in Gaudi’s country, she created with some young international entrepreneurs one of the first co-working platform. This project that was her first company, was launched in an old jewelry factory.

Collaborative and luxury devoted consumer, she lived a long time in Paris where she exchanges luxury clothes and accessories through international online platforms. She also did Bicing in Barcelona and used carsharing to come back in France. She also established Wonderbox Spain subsidiary.

Bicing Barcelona



During her luxury purchase, she is confronted to an important constraints which was about knowing if her items were authentic or not. She observes a lack in this area and creates her own business through the intermediary of the luxury collaborative marketplace. 

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Addictochic agrees for transparency. Our methods and services transparency:

-        Our luxury goods you receive are  100% authentics

-        On our platform, we only accept items in very good and good conditions

If during our conformity control, we notice that items don’t fit with sellers’ description, you will be informed and you may cancel the sale

-        You will be informed of all your purchase/sale process until the delivery

We attempt to answer without delay to all of your questions in our  FAQ or you can also contact our Customer Service.