Thierry Hermès established his brand in 1837.  Starting out in equestrian goods, the label began to specialize in luxury products such as leather goods, jewelry, watches, and accessories. The six subsequent generations have followed the brand’s expertise, such as the famous Carrés, the Kelly bag and the Birkin bag.             The Kelly is one of the brand’s most famous models.  In 1954, while hunting for accessories that would match the character of Frances Stevens in “To Catch a Thief,” the movie’s wardrobe mistress, Edith Head, and Grace Kelly literally stopped in their tracks in front of the window of the French label’s store.  The object of their desire: the tall strap bag, created in Paris in 1938.  From Hollywood to Monaco, Grace would forever be inseparable from the legendary handbag, and elevated Hermès to cult status. Thus, the designer renaming the bag the “Kelly” in her honor.             Regarding the Birkin bag, Jane Birkin tells the story of how this iconic bag got its name: “I was flying between London and Paris in the eighties and although I didn’t know it, I was seated next to Jean-Louis Dumas, the chairman of Hermès.”  After complaining about the lack of pockets in her Hermès bag to the head of the label, Jane Birkin received a new bag a month later, with a request from Jean-Louis Dumas to use her name for the bag: the Birkin.             These both iconic bags owe at least, some of their status to chance, but they make part of what we can called a timeless category. Over the years, Hermès has made a successful market entry on the luxury market, which places it among the best players. The brand has known how to appeal the greatest figures including: Audrey Hepburn, Andy Warhol, and Jacqueline Kennedy, while attracting big-name designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier. The brand officially adopted its “carriage” logo in 1945 and, through attractive advertising campaigns, the brand has become a top-ranked French luxury brand.  Choose from our collection of used Hermès products, with the Kelly and the Birkin being the two most essential items.
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