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        Cristobal Balenciaga established his first tailor’s shop in 1918 at San Sebastian in Spain, but only once he arrived in Paris in 1937 did his reputation begin to grow.             Originally specializing in high fashion, the label created unique, innovative pieces such as the tunic dress and the “baby-doll” dress.  In 1968, Balenciaga manufactured uniforms for Air France’s female cabin crew.             With the arrival of Nicolas Ghesquière as artistic director in 1997, Balenciaga began to diversify.  In the 2000s, Balenciaga launched its first line of handbags, and in the same year, the label was absorbed into the PPR luxury conglomerate, following which collections of small leather goods and accessories were launched.  Alexander Wang took over as artistic director for the label in 2013, introducing softer and less architectural lines.             As a brand with a worldwide reputation, Balenciaga has successfully won over celebrities and, indeed, an entire generation of fans.  Balenciaga’s futuristic, structured pieces are a style classic for urban women everywhere.             Let one of the used pieces in our collection of Balenciaga goods seduce you!
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