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Addictochic is a community marketplace of a wide range of branded items and pre-loved goods. You can buy and sell in complete confidence, all of our items are controlled. Fall for our luxury items: Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Céline, Saint Laurent... they are authenticated by our experts and delivered with an authenticity certificate

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  • Constance : The height of elegance

    Constance : The height of elegance

    Like Birkin or Kelly bags, Constance bag is timeless from the Hermès House. Therefore, today we have chosen to focus on this beautiful bag which continues to sublimate our outfits and to surprise us for more than 30years !

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  • Addictochic customizes your luxury handbags

    Addictochic customizes your luxury handbags

    A prestigious luxury leather goods customisation. Addictochic chose to collaborate with Nanou Herman. This association allow you to give a personnal touch to

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